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California HPV Vaccine Week
August 6th-12th, 2023

California HPV Vaccine week is an annual observance held the first full week of August.  The goal of this campaign is to increase awareness of the HPV vaccine and promote the vaccination of adolescents ages 9-13.  California HPV Vaccine Week is a great way for families, providers, coalitions supporting children’s health, and local health departments to get out the message about the importance of the HPV vaccine as cancer prevention.

Join the Campaign
During the week of August 6th-12th, share this content with your community to communicate the importance of HPV vaccination.

We’ve provided suggested content developed by partner organizations and California HPV Vaccination Roundtable members that include video testimonials, shareable images, and text that can be used on social media platforms, websites, newsletters, and blogs. Whether you do a little or a lot, please help us track our efforts by using #caHPVvaxweek and #CaliforniaHPVfree on social media and emailing about other initiatives.

Click below to download the full CA HPV Vaccine Week toolkit with campaign guide, email content, and social captions included. 
CA HPV Vaccine Week Downloadable Social Media Resources

HPV-Related Cancer Survivor Stories

HPV Vaccine Week Facts and Messages

Special thanks to the following individuals who were instrumental to the development of this year's CA HPV Vaccine Week Campaign:

Margaux Stack-Babich, MPH

CA HPV Vaccination Roundtable Parent Workgroup Lead & Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Paula Mattison

Director of Regional Integrated Marketing, American Cancer Society

Bridget Freeley & Raquel Arias

Associate Directors of State Partnerships, American Cancer Society, CA HPV Vaccination Roundtable Coordinators

Kim Wodstrchill, MPH, CHES

CA HPV Vaccination Roundtable Social Media Lead & Outreach Coordinator, School Vaccine Team, California Department of Public Health

Maritza Gomez

Community Health Liaison, UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Shauntay Davis & Joyce Paraico

California Dialogue on Cancer

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