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California HPV Vaccination Roundtable members have curated a list of resources to help parents, providers, and health systems take action today.

Providers and Health Systems
Providers and Health Systems

Screening & HPV Vaccination Guidance During COVID-19

ACS has released a new toolkit on Cancer Screening During COVID-19. This includes screening guidance for breast, cervical, colorectal and lung cancers and HPV vaccination. There is also a universal screening messages overview. Released in October 2020.


Organization: American Cancer Society

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CDC Guidance: Drive Through Immunization Clinics

CDC has issued revised Guidance for Planning Vaccination Clinics Held at Satellite, Temporary, or Off-Site Locations ( The purpose of the guidance is to assist with jurisdictional planning and implementation of satellite, temporary, or off-site vaccination clinics by public and private vaccination organizations.

Released July 2020

Organization: CDC


Steps for Increasing HPV Vaccination in Practice

This is a step-by-step action guide for healthcare teams to implement evidence-based interventions in their practice.  Updated in November 2018.


Organization: American Cancer Society


Clinician & Health Systems Action Guides

Members of the Provider Training Task Group developed a suite of 6 Clinician & System Action Guides to encourage providers, support teams, and health systems to take action today.


Organization: National HPV Vaccination Roundtable

Parents and Community Members

What Parents Should Know About HPV Vaccine Safety & Effectiveness

HPV vaccination provides safe, effective, and long-lasting protection against cancers caused by HPV. This fact sheet helps educate parents on all the latest information regarding HPV vaccine safety and effectiveness. Updated July 2018.


Organization: Center for Disease Control


Just the Facts for Parents

This 2 page fact sheet for parents outlines key information to dispel myths about the HPV vaccine.



Organization: American Cancer Society


Vaccines for Children Program

This one pager explains how any family can access the national Vaccines for Children program. The Vaccines For Children (VFC) program is a federally funded program that provides vaccines at no cost to children who might not otherwise be vaccinated because of inability to pay. This is a helpful resource for families who may be newly uninsured or underinsured. Learn more here. Released in Summer 2020.


Organization: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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